Mesotherapy is a non-surgical technique where specially made active ingredients either alone or in combination as a cocktail are delivered to the intradermal layer of the skin either by injection or by the micro-needling procedure. The active ingredients can be of many types and the choice depends on the skin problem of the condition being treated. In this procedure small amount of liquid products such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins such as vitamin C, biotin, peptides, and growth hormone penetrate the intradermal part of the skin to improve the skin quality and regeneration by collagen stimulation, elastin re-modeling, and improvement of skin turnover which leads to improvements in signs of ageing.


Mesotherapy is an office-based procedure that takes a few minutes each time and can be performed by using serial injections by creating small blebs on the skin or using micro-needling devices which penetrate the skin at pre-determined depth and the active ingredient is applied to the skin and serial puncture of the skin by micro-needling device delivers it to the intended layer of the skin. The level of discomfort depends on the individual’s pain tolerance, but it can be minimized by using potent topical anaesthetic cream prior to the treatment. When a skin-needling device is used, based on the depth, there may be redness on the skin for 24 to 48hrs which can be covered by daily skincare products. Also, post-care treatment products can be provided to synergize the actions of the mesotherapy as well help in the recovery of the skin. The treatment interval is 2 weekly and frequent treatments are needed until desired results are achieved.


Mesotherapy is used for the following indications:

  1. Skin rejuvenation
  2. Skin brightening and whitening
  3. Anti-wrinkles
  4. Pigment reduction
  5. Large skin pore size reduction
  6. Hair growth/alopecia
  7. Cellulite reduction
  8. Fat reduction

When used with micro-needling it provides the added benefit to the skin due to the action of skin needling as well as it regenerates the collagen as well as improves skin tone and texture. Immediately after the procedure is required.


Specially made molecules that stimulate the growth of the skin are either injected under the skin in the dermal layer or pushed into the skin layer with help of skin micro-needling. This helps the growth of collage under the skin as well as improvement of skin tone and fine lines/wrinkles. Certain types of mesoagents can help with the fat reduction in areas where there is collection of fat and it can act as an adjunct to other fat reduction therapies. Mesotherapy can help your hair stimulate growth. In Mesotherapy, the products including the stimulant’s cocktails increase the blood circulation and activate the hair follicles to grow back and become thicker. The stimulant products are administrated intradermally throughout different means either by a syringe or a needle-free device or skin micro-needling and require to be repeated several times depending on individuals’ response and the severity of the condition. The treatment of hair loss depends on the underlying conditions as well but mesotherapy can be an important adjunct to the other therapies helping the growth and maintenance of hair.


Mesotherapy is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure. It is safe but in certain rare cases person can suffer from an allergic reaction to a certain ingredient or component. Also, depending on the individual’s skin there can be redness or bruising due to micro-needling/ injections. In rare cases, there can be infections. If you face any problems after the procedure, kindly contact your aesthetic physician at the earliest.

Mesotherapy can be used to treat the skin of anybody area but most commonly the treatment is sought for face, neck and décolletage, hair, back of the hands, submental area, and sometimes thigh and abdominal area. The choice of meso-agent depends on the skin condition or skin concerns being treated. Talk to your aesthetic physician regarding your concerns so that an exclusive individualized treatment plan can be formulated for you which caters to your skin concerns.

The frequency of treatment depends on the type of skin concerns being treated as well as the modality being used to deliver the meso-agent into the skin. It can vary from weekly to once every 2-3 weeks. Most commonly if skin micro-needling is used to deliver the agent the frequency is 2 weekly. The usual treatment is for 4-6 sessions.

After the treatment, you can expect small blebs or redness on the skin which goes away in a few hours to a couple of days depending on the modality used to deliver the medication and the depth of penetration of the skin. Most people can expect their skin to normalize in a day or two.
while you wait for your skin to recover you can use makeup if you wish to do so. Also, special cosmeceuticals can be provided to aid in the recovery of the skin. Your aesthetic physician can guide you in the choice of post-care products.